Point System


earn free stuff with our point system

Most of our products have been given purchase points.  Every time that you purchase a product that is part of the points system you accumulate points according to how many points that product is worth.  Example: Thrive Sour apple retails for $9.95 and has a point value of 1 and to get it free you must have a total of 6 points.  So if you where to buy 6 six packs of Thrive you would have 6 points and qualify for a FREE 6 pack of Thrive.

The points for each product is listed in the product description.  You can check how many points you have by logging in your account.  Once you have enough points to redeem simply put the item that you want free in your shopping cart and use your points to purchase.

NOTE: Shipping of FREE Item(s) is FREE.

NOTE:  Some products are already discounted and not available for free redemption.